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Specialists On Internet Of Things

We are innovating, designing and bringing smart devices on market
Born four year ago when Sigfox just rised, our team is focusing on developing innovative concepts, objects and market approach. During these past years we have created a large experience on LPWAN and built different technology bricks based on SigFox network.

With Only One Autonomous Device


Easily installable, no wire, no power source needed, just to put it at the location of your choice.

Basements or in offices

Because of the Sigfox network embedded, our device is able to communicate for a long period with his long life battery.

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Be alerted in real time when a threshold is overpassed in order to fix the issue.

Follow the trends

Data history of all measurements, real-time data.

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Our device is able to monitor temperature, humidity and also noise levels.

Get the good information

All the informations are provided in real time and can be integrated in your information system.

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Your device monitor indoor pollutants levels and the C02 level.


Be alerted when the level of the indoor pollution is over the limit.

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